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Premier Trust Global is an investment linked insurance product which offers opportunity for long term accumulation through participation in the growth of financial markets.

The product offers a broad selection of performance benchmarks (global stock market indices and/or popular mutual funds/ETFs) to match risk profile of particpant’s financial goals. It includes a flexible premium payment option and a customizable investment option, but it exposes the risks of the capital markets.

It is essential to understand numerous elements such as advantages and returns to get the most out of a Unit Linked Insurance Plan. Here’s a concise overview of Premier Trust Global Unit Linked Insurance Plan. So, without further hesitation, let’s get started!

What Is Premier Trust Global?

Premier Trust is a worldwide trust structure that provides customers all over the globe with a broad range of easy and effective unit-linked insurance plans.
When choosing performance benchmarks such as indexes, mutual funds, or ETFs for your unit-linked plan, clients receive access to the most varied worldwide markets along with the finest custodians and asset managers in the world.

But What Does ULIP Means?

ULIP is an initial for Unit Linked Insurance Plan. A ULIP is a hybrid of saving, investing and insurance. Policyholders in this plan may pay their premiums either yearly or monthly. One portion of the premium helps to provide life insurance coverage, while the remainder is designed as a savings component.

The selection of performance benchmarks (stock market indices or popular funds/ETFs) in these programs are exposed to the risks linked with the financial markets. However, being long-term investments, risk management is stable and minimal. In most cases the policy holder should be monitoring the performance of the selected benchmarks in the account. As a result, it is advised to base the selection of performance benchmarks on specific financial goals along with risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Another element that the policyholder must consider is the amount needed to fund their future lifestyle. Based on their future goals, plan participants are able to calculate the premium amount and savings period to attain their goals. The fees are fully specified upfront which includes policy fees, administration, and asset management fees.

Additionally, participants with some Unit Linked Insurance Plans are free to switch selected performance benchmarks (popular mutual funds/ETFs) at any time, with no additional fees or penalties.

Carrying out an investigation about the beginning of these products, we recorded that Unit Trust of India (UTI) was the first company to create ULIP plans in 1971 in India. Many investors were initially hesitant to engage in ULIPs owing to the hefty fees connected with this insurance policy.

However, prominent life insurance companies like HDFC, Bajaj Life, ICICI Pru and Edelweiss in Tokyo recently included ULIP policies in its product portfolio, which shows that this type of product is very well received, and its design assures the competitive returns and full insurance cover for investors.

premier trust global review

Premier Trust Global Unit Linked Insurance Plans:

1. Principal Protection Plans:

Principal Protection plans are customized according to customer’s needs and time horizons, enabling them to broaden their unit-linked portfolio by gaining access to the essential performance standards of key indexes. Premier Trust Global’s benefits include the possibility above average annual growth rates depending on the performance of one or more linked indexes.
Your savings can withstand market conditions and will be protected through most world events, depending on the duration of the plan you pick and the money you invest, allowing you to achieve your goal of financial freedom.

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Premier Principal Protection Series II:

This plan gives a chance for expansion in the market with little danger of market failure.

Key Features:

• Principal protection for up to 100%.
• A minimum contribution of US $10,000
• There are choices for a 5, 7, or 10-year maturity plans
• There are three currency options: USD, EUR, and GBP.

Provest 10 Principal Protection Series III

Provest 10 Principal Protection’s 10-year duration and 115 percent principal protection are perfect for medium-term objectives like paying for college or retiring early.

Key Features:

• Donations regularly
• 115 percent protection for the principal.
• A fixed duration of ten years.

Provest Principal Protection Series III:

It is a long-term, regular contribution plan that offers the ability to link the growth of the world’s major stock market indices with a minimum benefit guarantee at the time of plan maturity.

Key Features:

• Regular contributions.
• Depending on the period you choose, you may be eligible for 140 percent, 160 percent, or 180 percent Principal Protection.
• 15-, 20-, and 25-year maturity options

2. Flexible Plans:

Premier Trust Global’s flexible plans intend to provide you more flexibility and control over your plan by providing you with access to establish your unit assignments and make modifications to your plan based on your requirements.
These plans feature a more flexible structure with fewer limits and higher potential advantages. However, active monitoring and market expertise are also necessary to maximize the advantage of the strategy. These programs allow you to create a bespoke unit-linked portfolio that is tailored to your needs.

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Premier Series III:

Clients may choose from many performance criteria to establish their unit allocations in a flexible lump sum plan.

Key Features:

• A plan with a five- or ten-year life span.
• As many as 10 fund options are available.
• The capacity to accept partial surrenders.

Provest Series III:

You may alter your unit allocations to match your changing requirements with this regular savings program that offers potential for growth

Key Features:

• Long-term maturity choices of 5, 15, or 25 years are available.
• Up to five (5) funds to choose from.
• Savings may boost with further allocation incentives

Key Features Of Premier Trust Global Unit Linked Insurance Plans:

Premier Trust Global ULIP plans have many features to help investors ensure economic security against any future adversities, enjoy tax advantages, and double their financial capital.
No surprise, Premier Trust unit-linked insurance plans continue to be a popular investment option for both beginner and experienced investors. Here’s a quick review of some of the essential aspects of Premier Trust ULIPs that give them an advantage over other investment options:


The policyholder has many options with Premier Trust Global ULIPs. One has the flexibility of switching between funds to meet changing demands. There is also the option to withdraw a portion of the investment, which may be subject to additional fees and restrictions.
You may even invest more funds as a supplement to your monthly premiums. The ULIP NAV is an excellent tool for tracking investments and ensuring that investors remain invested in the best Premier Trust Global ULIP plan.

Funds For Crucial Milestones In Life:

A significant quantity of money is necessary at various periods of life. They may be necessary for a person’s business, home construction, child’s marriage, etc. The ability to withdraw assets in phases allows for access to much-needed finances at vital periods to meet urgent requirements.
Investors should carefully select Premier Trust Global ULIP plans to anticipate their future financial needs.

Protecting The Child’s Future:

Premier Trust Global ULIPs allow you to invest in market-linked funds to access higher annual growth rates and build a legacy that may fund your child’s future. The assets may use for a child’s education, marriage, or other purposes. Parents may track the ULIP NAV to ensure that the returns given are enough for future needs.

Financial Security Post Retirement:

The long-term performance of equities is favorable. As a result, Premier Trust Global ULIPs are an excellent way to supplement one’s retirement portfolio. People in their twenties and early thirties should invest in equity-oriented funds to have enough assets for retirement. With time, one’s assets may shift to more cautious debt funds.

Benefits Of Premier Trust Global Unit Linked Insurance Plans:

The best Premier Trust Global ULIP plan provides various benefits. Some of the most essential is discussed in depth below:

Life Protection, Savings, And Investment:

Investing in Premier Trust Global ULIPs helps to instill the habit of saving and investing, both of which are necessary for long-term wealth accumulation. Premier Trust Global ULIPs provide both life insurance coverage and savings with market-linked growth rates. With the assurance of having life insurance, one may select popular mutual funds as performance benchmarks to achieve a high rate of return.

Market-Linked Returns:

Premier Trust Global ULIP plans provide the possibility of earning market-linked returns. A portion of the premium paid in a ULIP plan is linked to the value of funds that invest in various market instruments such as debt and equities in varied quantities.

The policyholder has the opportunity to earn market-based returns. Investors may utilize statistics such as the ULIP NAV to track results and remain invested in the top Premier Trust Global ULIP plans.

Investment And Insurance Benefits:

Premier Trust Global Unit Linked Insurance Plan provides three benefits: investment, life insurance, and potential tax savings. The investor obtains full life insurance coverage depending on his or her preferences and budget, as well as market-linked returns on investment.

Death Benefits:

A unit-linked plan of Premier Trust Global provides death benefits if the insured dies within the policy period. The death benefit will depend on the cash value, and is subject to certain conditions

Maturity Benefits:

A Premier Trust Global ULIP plan could also include loyalty bonuses when the policyholder survives the plan’s maturity term. Loyalty bonuses are often given to the insured and included in the complete amount of the fund.

Long-term Investment Benefits:

A ULIP plan is one of the most desirable financial products for those looking to maximize long-term profits on their assets. It is critical to recognize that market volatility and swings may influence short-term profits.

Instead, holding the investment for a longer term allows investors to cope with market volatility while earning a high rate of profit on the investment. A unit-linked insurance plan provides for long-term accumulation and makes it easier for investors to maximize their earnings.

Withdrawal Benefits:

In such cases, a Premier Trust Global unit-linked insurance plan has certain liquidity. A ULIP plan enables its participants to withdraw a portion of their savings in the event of an emergency after meeting specific criteria. In most cases, such withdrawals are free of charge.

Tax Deductions Benefits:

Premier Trust Global ULIPs may provide for potential tax savings on investments in ULIPs, decreasing the amount owing to the government via income tax.

Why Invest In A Premier Trust Global Unit Linked Insurance Plans?

When purchasing a Premier Trust Global ULIP, policyholders must make an initial lump-sum payment, supported by yearly, semi-annual, or monthly premium payments. Although the premium payment responsibilities differ by plan, they are always proportionately oriented towards a specific investment objective.

Premium payments help policyholders to increase cash value and take advantage of favorable market conditions and higher annual growth rates on your net premiums. Furthermore, many Premier Trust Global ULIPs allow you to “top up,” or contribute large lump amounts to your balance.

Although Premier Trust Global ULIPs are insurance products, the fund selection of the savings component of the policy may increase investor risk.

Premier Trust Global ULIPs are unique in that they allow investors to change their fund selections during the life of their plan. They may choose between stock funds, bond funds, and balanced funds based on their investment objectives.